For 20 years Sue has served on the Records of Vermont Bird Committee, a group of ornithologists and citizen scientists, that vet rare species documentations within Vermont.

Sue continues to be an active birder that seeks both the rare and common birds to be found here in Vermont. These photographs are hers.

We are so fortunate to have a world class birder here in Brandon. Her name is Sue Wetmore. She has been a serious birder since 1984 and has birded much of the USA, Canada and Costa Rica.

She has been a trail guide for a local business for over 30 years, leading people on some of Vermont’s great hikes and telling them about the flora and fauna.

Since 1981 Sue has taught and coordinated an all volunteer nature program at Neshobe Elementary School.

Photography was a natural offshoot of birding for Sue. The advent of digital cameras make it easy to shoot photos both for the art of birds as well as documenting species. 

Birds around the Farm