It’s the first day of summer and it’s gorgeous here in Brandon and at The Swallows Nest. I’m seeing bikers everywhere,  stopping to enjoy the sounds and scenes of summer. Fields are being hated, the corn looks like it’ll be knee high by the Fourth of July.

My flower gardens are bursting forth with blues and pinks of iris peonies campanulas and dianthus. The meadowlands are full of birds, gold finch, bobolinks and meadowlarks with the red winged blacbirds calling and clicking. How can a single blade of grass hold up a bobolink? I’ll ask Audubon and my border friends. At night we have nearly a dozen bats flitting about.

In about a week all the swallows will be ready to fly. We have Barn swallows, Cliff swallows and Tree swallows. I call it flight school. One day fairly soon all the fledglings will be out on the roof of The Swallows Nest . This year I’ll be ready with a video camera. It’s a hoot as parents encourage cajole bribe and dive bomb their young into making their first flights!!!