Why Brandon?

Brandon has endless activities to offer all ages and interests. Within ten miles of Brandon’s village center you can:

  • Visit and buy locally crafted products from an alpaca farm, or try delicious farm fresh yogurt and cheese from a goat dairy
  • Explore nature and the scenic views with a hike in our famous Green Mountains, or on horseback!
  • Take a dip at Lake Dunmore and swim in some of the freshest water.
  • Bike, or stroll the streets and dirt roads around town. There is a surprise down every back road.
  • Eat at award-winning restaurants and enjoy the local craft beers and wines. We are famous for them.
  • Listen to live jazz music at Brandon Music, opera at Barn Opera, or go to the musical museum at Compass Music
  • Shop from our artists themselves at multiple galleries in our downtown center.
  • Enjoy a classic maple creemee.
  • Catch a glimpse of a real Yak.
  • Relax with a picnic at one of our many different waterfalls.
  • Shop for local and organic plants, produce, and decor at our many farmers markets, and you will be sure to take a little (or a lot) of Vermont back home with you.

Whether you love to golf, ski or go antiquing, Brandon, Vermont, has it all! That is why we live and work here. We just love it so much, and you will too!

Brandon truly is “Unhurried, Unspoiled, and Unforgettable.”